Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is the treatment administrated to those suffering from heart attacks or strokes in order to facilitate brain function until a better apparatus performs the same task. It is to ensure that the heart is artificial supported, in order not to affect the person's blood flow. CPR is a process of using the palms in such a way as to be able to compress the chest with sufficient depth and to do at least a 100 such compressions. This ensures that the heart receives support in pumping blood through the body. This movement should be alternated with breathing in to the person's mouth or using a device to pump air into the person's mouth in order to help the breathing process as well.

CPR performs the following functions:

• It does not mean the person is saved from disaster; it simply slows the process of tissue decay and possible permanent brain damage.

• While professional help is most important to affect any kind of permanent solution, CPR administrated at the right time could even save a patient from death and brain damage.

• It fulfills the role of a heart and continues pumping blood especially in those cases where breathing is unnatural or painful or abnormal.

It has been common practice to enlist the help of hospitals and private clinics to hold CPR and other first aid workshops. However, with the internet being the new guide, there are enough courses being offered online that teach not just the methods but also have interactive modules like videos etc. as well as questionnaires for doubts, etc. that make the whole experience fruitful. Online CPR courses have the following advantages:

• They are mostly free; however make sure to check the credentials of the site and the person offering the guidance. If the CPR is not performed well, it could lead to more danger. And you have to be an active and interested learner. There are various angles that have to be right when performing the act and it is necessary to get a whole view of the act being performed. And for that to be possible, you have to be an alert viewer.

• Another reason why online courses are marginally better than a workshop is that they can be learnt in the comfort of the home and at one's convenience

• New methods are upgraded regularly and changes are made in the old methods most suitable to new finds. This information can be updated very easily online. The American Heart Association is one of the few trusted sites you can go to, to take tests and learn from professionals. There are various online sites that are of trusted medical trusts; these are other places that you can go to.

CPR courses will empower you, to not just save lives but possess the confidence of a leader, a man / woman of action who can be of help when it is most important.They equip the individual with skills to be of help in dire situations, when medical help will take time.