There are ADHD behavior charts which help them in changing their negative behavior into positive ones. Those charts mention the expectations and desired goals to be achieved. And these charts are of great help as it either completely discards the disorder or there is much improvement in the improper behavior of the child. There are medicines called psycho stimulants which can cure the disorder but there are many side effects and may risk to neurological complaints. Though, these drugs must be showing a rapid progress in the improvement of the behavior pattern but, it gives side effects like chest pain, loss of appetite, stomachaches, headache and even weight loss.

The use of scientific medicines has responded in the loss of creativity, intelligence and addiction towards the medicines. Although it may be providing immediate relief but, it causes extra other problems irrespective of the age. ADHD natural treatment is free from all the side effects and cures the disorder giving a new healthy and happy life. ADHD treatment eradicates the disorder from its root without affecting any other part of the body or causing any other problem in the system. There are five ways of natural treatment of ADHD disorder. There are many effective treatment of ADHD without the intake of medicinal drugs. The ADHD treatment is three times more beneficial than the scientific drugs with no side effects.

The first ADHD natural treatment is the diet which helps in clearing the symptoms of ADHD disorder. The diet must include the fresh natural fruits and vegetables, whole grains, pulses, chicken, nuts, salmon and other healthy foods. The use of healthy oil like olive oil should be used for cooking. The ADHD sufferer needs fatty acids therefore; the supplements with iron, magnesium, zinc and omega3 fatty acids are included in their diet. The treatment always exercise as it helps in relieving stress, proper heart beat, focuses on learning, it reduces the hyperactivity and calm them down, it makes them less impulsive. Exercise and the medicine dopamine serve the common interest. Therefore, exercise is the best treatment as it cures from every disease. The use of natural herb is the typical natural treatment. Although, it may show the slow progress but it eradicates the disorder completely from its roots. Natural herbs like Valerine, Skullcap, Oatstraw, Biloba, and gingko and Gotu Kola are very effective in ADHD treatment. Homeopathic medicines are the safest medicines and are free from all the side effects. They improve the functioning of the brain and the general health of the individual. The ADHD natural treatment is the safest medication and is as effective as other scientific medicines.