At one time, natural remedies were the primary method people used in the treatment of various aches or pains, along with many other ailments.

Then, along came technology and the advancement of chemical science. Medical researchers are developing fast-acting, synthetic compounds to treat our health problems, faster than you can blink. These pharmaceuticals are easily prescribed to treat our symptoms and alleviate our discomfort.

Yes, in most cases, they do bring speedy relief. However, they usually leave the actual ailment untreated, plus … many of these synthetic substances very often have dangerous side effects, which can require additional substances to treat the side effects.

Natural remedies, as we know, are found in nature. They do not require any type of synthetic process to create them and they usually address the real cause of a specific ailment, by using all natural processes.

There are many problems that can be eliminated, just by making slight adjustments to your current lifestyle. These could include your habits and the way you exercise. By changing the way you perform these few things, are often the number one solution to the cause of the ailment.

In many other cases, using a natural remedy, could be the most effective way to bring a body back to a natural state of balance.

Very few people will find a sure-fire relief for their problem, by looking to the medical world alone. So, it's really better if you discuss “all” options with your doctor.

Our government protects the drug company monopolies and dismisses the use of natural treatment options!

Why, you ask? It could possibly be the fact that there's very little profit in using a natural treatment, since natural remedies are often self-administered and a lot less expensive, while synthetic drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry.

During the recent Ebola panic, we've never heard very much about any natural ways to fight against this disease.

Also, what hospital will treat an ailment or disease with an all natural product? Where's the profit in that?

Now, I'm not saying that every ailment can be treated with natural remedies, but … If the ailment can be treated this way, should not it be presented as an option to drugs?

Surely, it's not all about the money … is it?

Another problem that many people find disturbing, is the high cost of insurance.

Many elderly people, that need the care of a special physician. The problem is they just can not afford the co-pay.

There are stories of patients that have been admitted to the hospital for a problem. The insurance took care of the majority of the bill, yet canceled the insurance shortly after. Is this right?