Everything that exists is energy in itself. A vibrational field refers to that interconnected dynamic system that consist of energy. The same system redirects this energy in its various forms. A vibrational field may exist in an individual, collective level or as a system or within other systems. The body system is arranged in a molecular way which is purely a network of energy field interwoven together to form one system.

This network of energy is coordinated and nourished by small energy systems. These energy systems coordinate various functions in the physical body like cellular and hormonal functions. From these direct energy levels health as well and illnesses emerges. These energy levels influence growth patterns in all directions both negative and positive.

This is the aspect from which vibrational medicine originates. This method of healing operates on the fact that the vibrational energy that we absorb is highly into our bodies will in most cases affect the vibration field inside our bodies.

Vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine involves the application of different frequencies and forms of energy in the process of healing. It is a promising area in the field of medicine that seeks to improve the lives of patients. It works by combining different modalities of healing that have been known to be more powerful than even surgery or drugs. One concern in vibrational medicine is the use of different frequencies and forms of electro-magnetic fields in healing.

The other concern with vibrational medicine is the fact that you have to deal with different frequencies of energy. Vibrational medicine involves using different healing aspects like spiritual healing, Therapeutic Touch, homeopathic remedies, color therapy, photo therapy, sound therapy among others. These aspects of healing are considered to be more life changing than any other form of healing.

Vibrational medicine is the first form of healing that combines the aspects of spiritual and science healing. This form of healing not only looks at human beings as just the physical body of just flesh and blood but more of the combination of body, spirit and mind. The healing in vibrational medicine involves correcting the problems that occur in these three levels.

Vibrational medicine allows not only the healing of the physical body but it also works with the emotional and mental levels. In short it touches on all aspects of the human body by combining the healing of the body, mind and emotional aspects of a human being. It is a promising field that will touch on all aspects of a human being.

Modalities of vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine targets all aspects of a human being form the physical body, mental all the way to spiritual. In short it is an all-round form of healing. Due to this, vibrational medicine combines different modalities of healing that are being used in America.


Studies have shown that light causes the body's healing process to accelerate. It is common knowledge that the sun is the ultimate source of light. The rates of prostate cancer are on the increase not only in America but the entire world. In regard to this, the deficiency in vitamin D is today the leading form or nutritional deficiency.

The sun is the source of vitamin D and this natural energy has been shown to reverse breast cancer and also prostate cancer as well as clinical depression. It also improves blood circulation, accelerates healing of wounds, enhance the density of bones and a whole load of other health benefits.

Phototherapy applies the use of sunlight to reverse the effects of certain diseases. The best time to benefit from the sun's energy in form of vitamin D is in the morning and evening.

Sound therapy

This is another aspect of vibrational medicine that involves the use of sound waves to manipulate energy fields in the body as well as tissues. It is a promising area in the field of vibrational medicine that changes the fluctuations that occur in the tissues and energy fields. One part of sound therapy is exposure to music.

Color Therapy

It involves use of a selection of wavelengths from the sun. This creates psychological, physiological and energetic responses in the patient.


This involves use of water memory to store in the patient the healing properties of the substance selected for healing. This approach targets the emotional aspect of a patient.

Spiritual healing

This is all about the power of prayer, harnessing it in order to change the health of the patient. It targets the spiritual aspect of a patient.

Vibrational medicine is truly the medicine of tomorrow. It heals all aspects of a human being giving a more inclusive healing process. In addition, it is essential in targeting diseases like cancer. For more information about this topic visit http://www.Awaremed.com today.