After having been to the doctor for a medical consultation and obtaining the right mix of Chinese medicine for themselves, I do not want anyone to return home, not knowing what to do with their herbs, and preparing the medicinal concoction in any way they thought was appropriate. I want everyone to benefit from Chinese medicine by making it as effective as possible, so I am going to provide a general guide below for maximizing its effects.

First and foremost, I hope that you would have chosen to obtain the Chinese medicine herbs instead of the readymade forms of powder, pills and liquids. They are still the cheapest and most effective option to date.

Next choose a clay pot, ensuring that it is large enough to soak all the herbs in. Then following the exact same brewing procedure as detailed by the doctor. Whether it is to cook one or two herbs first before adding in the rest, or to cook the rest first before adding in one or two herbs, and the duration of cooking, all must be closely followed.

Thirdly , the doctor should also have told you when the medicine is to taken and how many times a day. Some medicine have to be taken before meals, while some medicine are taken only after meals, some medicine can only be taken in the day while others only at night, some have to be taken two or three times a day, some only taken when the illness acts up.

Lastly , it is always important to follow the doctor's advice on activities to avoid or food to abstain during this treatment period. This is because these activities or food would get in the way of the body's own natural healing system, countering the effects that the Chinese medicine has produced. So no matter how well you have prepared the medical concoction, it still takes a long time for full recovery. The usual advice given is to avoid strenuous exercise, get sufficient rest and abstain from eating deep fried food, oily food and food with a strong taste. Some other advice might include not eating certain meats or seafood etc. The best food plan is to keep to a simple diet with all the necessary nutrients required by the body.

With all the above knowledge, I sincerely hope that everyone will be able to fully benefit from their Chinese medicine experience.