Mastectomy is the most common operation for breast cancer patients not only for women but for men as well; it is the taking out the breast / breasts or sometimes just a section of the breast to get rid of lumps and tumors. It is very difficult especially for women to agree and live normally again following the said operation simply because they have a lost asset, a part of themselves and their self-confidence.

We have some tips on how to live normally once again which is used by alternative breast cancer treatment experts in helping their patients following the treatment

That part was lost to enable you to survive. Always think of it that way, there are plenty of sufferings when you're identified as having cancer and accept the fact that it is not only physical suffering, probably in the first few weeks it is really unpleasant but you can usually feel a lot better . This is according to a doctor in alternative treatments for breast cancer.

Prepare for a great deal of questions from people. Mastectomy is not so common because in some places, religious beliefs, race and sect it's taboo, so much better use the right words. But it could be better for you to respond to them wholeheartedly.

Live the life which you lived prior to when you were diagnosed. Yes, it is difficult to live the life which you lived before you went through the operation. It will never be the same, but also consider your families and friends who had been there with you through ups and downs, and before, during and after the mastectomy. Is it fair for them to see you not your previous self?

Smile and laugh a lot, it really helps. Always look at the bright side of life; there are many worse circumstances that others are in at the moment. Make yourself feel better all the time and furthermore, smiling is an alternative therapy for breast cancer.

Wearing fake does not mean you are fake. You can absolutely wear padded bras, silicone and other breast prostheses. This is as mentioned previously the main reason why mastectomy is taboo because it should not be discussed publicly. For those who do not know you personally, it's no big deal as much as for people close to you. They know that you wear that to improve your spirits and they are aware of it.

Sign up for breast cancer survivors' events / forums. They say birds of the same feather flock together, and yes, other breast cancer survivors know what you feel, felt the pain you felt, and the same as you, trying to live a normal life after each treatment, medication and others. One can learn from them, and vice versa.

Discuss your experience. There are plenty of ways to share your thoughts, what you felt, you've been through and it takes a lot of guts to express this to the world. But if you discussed your story, how satisfying is it? How proud? It is possible to blog it, make an article, share it on the internet on forums. Inspiring words are the best breast cancer alternative treatment and alternative breast cancer treatments Do not only mean treatment of the disease, but management of the patient's well-being too.