Time to take a different look at modern medicine. Everyday a new TV commercial for a new medication, I'm starting to think they create the medication first and then the disease or ailment for it to work on.

I was recently introduced to a supplement called StemEnhance which promotes your bone marrow to produce three to five million more of your own stem cells within sixty minutes. This is a great thing because as we age our body produces less stemcells. Notice how older folks take longer to heal than simple cuts and bruises.

These stem cells are then called to the part of your body that needs the most help first. Upon traveling through your blood stream and arriving at the troubled area in your body these Stem Cells will migrate into the tissue to become the cells of tissue in need of repair.

A Time Magazine cover story tells us that Stem Cells may offer diabetes help, heart trouble, and parkinsons disease. National Geography cover story tells of benefits of stemcell and how it is expected to increase life expectancy. LIFE magazine has no less positive comments to share. With stem cell research being constantly in the news these days, and for good reason. When one's own body can repair itself it is a wonderful thing.

Though Stemtech makes no claims to cure any disease, ailment, or make all your pain go away there are numerous testimonials all over the internet that you can read. Reduced arthritis pain, hip and joint pain to a minimal level, improved mental clarity, increased energy level, nightly leg cramps gone and overall feeling of well being are just some of the benefits I have enjoyed myself. Others have claimed to have restored use of limbs that did not work at all, constant back pain disappearing, decrease in stress and tension, getting diabetes under control, improved eyesight, decrease in sleepless nights. These are just some of the many benefits I have read as I searched Stemtech products.

This is not the fountain of youth by a long shot but may help in slowing down the aging process and keep us feeling better for a longer period of time during our lifespan.

Stemtech also produces StemPets which I have also used on my lab Bo suffering with arthritis in his rear hips. Results are simply amazing! After about two weeks on StemPets Bo is like a new dog, now active again, up and running rather than just being able to lay around all day only forcing himself up to go out as needed due to the pain he was suffering.

My take on Stemtech products is most definitely a positive one as Bo and I will continue using these supplements daily. I feel more comfortable using a over the counter type supplement rather than prescriptions with to many side effects to mention. Now my 80 year old mother has started on Stemtech as well.