How do you feel right about now? You're online, that much we know. So you're not sleeping, or in bed depressed to the point that surfing the internet is not an option. But how do you feel ? Physically, that is. When was your last physical exam? Do you tend to get one annually? Let's break it down, shall, we?

If you are currently covered by medical insurance, there is no reason in the world why you should not be receiving an annual physical exam. If all you are responsible for is a measly co-pay, than the benefits of a physical each and every year is ridiculously worth the price. If, on the other hand, you are not covered, a great argument can also be made for an annual physical exam being administered to you annually. The benefits of such seemingly innocuous tests are what keep people healthy and happy for long, long lives. We do, however understand the pricing of such exams sometimes being more than you can afford on an annual basis. Be aware that certified medical centers do exist near you that administrator full-on professional annual physical exams for an affordable price.

For now, let's discuss those who are covered via insurance and what it is that an annual physical exam can do for them. Medicine has changed and evolved for the better over the past century. These days, what a good healthcare professional is apt to do it to treat potential problems before they compromise your good health. This is called preventative care . The best way to adequately manage this new type of care is by the results garnered through- you guessed it -an annual physical exam!

What is it that entails, exactly? Well, it is a set of tests that are designed to keep tabs on all of a patient's vital signs. These vital signs are tested because it is typically through this set of tests that potential problems are first identified. A person's vital signs include their pulse, the state of the respiratory system, their blood pressure, the performance of the heart, and a person's over-all temperature. When undergoing an annual physical exam-or any type of physical exam-these will be first things tested by the doctor in charge.

Asking why an annual physical exam makes sense is akin to asking why cake is good. It just is. It's the very nature of cake to taste good. And so it is that the very nature of a regular exam to test your vital signs as a living, breathing human being makes sense. What better way to keep tabs on what is happening inside and to your body (for better or worse) than to regularly check your baseline health through a repetitive series of tests that a trusted doctor performs? There is no better way.

For example, if during your annual physical exam , your doctor detects a problem with your blood pressure he or she can then perform further testing to see why this is. This kind of healthcare can nip a very serious problem right in the bud. This way you receive the necessary care that can right the wrong before it becomes life threatening. And trust us when we say that most life-threatening issues show themselves in this manner before they become the problem will be.