How many circumstances have you been in that you are lying on your back and your legs are wide open in front of a stranger? I'm not referring to your love life and friends; I'm talking about something that for many women is especially important.

From a cautious distance it is a very captivating formality that we put ourselves through. It is a very awkward feeling; take off your pants, lay back, and let someone rip out the relentless hair that is unwanted from a region that is generally much disguised. The most awkward part of the whole experience for me had to have been so open with a woman you barely know, although, as time passes you develop a close relationship with this person.

Here is how the process works: first thing you do is lay flat on a chair, your body is horizontal and in a hopeless position. Later, your electrolysis will take a small needle into the root of your hair and then zap it. If you have very difficult hair it may be required for you to use a varying amount of electricity.

Even though some women may be able to tolerate pain, in my case I am as much resistant as a dandelion to a heavy wind. As time passed and I began to go to my electrolysis the sessions became easier. Even though my electrolysis would see me through all my emotional outbursts she remained to stay committed and calm.

As time passes my eyebrows were not the only things that were under her authority, soon so did my bikini line, which was probably the most challenging part of our relationship. Wich become huge.

As I grew older and moved to college, I advised myself that I was going to be happy with a long break away from my electrolysis, but as time progressed I soon realized how much I needed her. Over a short period of time I then started to visit her every chance I had. The sessions then began to go more smoothly when I discovered a new way of going to see her.

Some may think I am crazy for thinking this but, I figured why not go through this painful process inebriated? With the assistance of a designated driver and several shots of alcohol I am now able to see my electrolysis and we had a great bond over time.