The rising cost of being sick is only going to go higher. There are several factors, and several ways around them.
Why are costs going up:

  1. Frivolous lawsuits driving up liability for doctors
  2. Obamacare eliminating more from insurances than new people covered
  3. Obamacare driving up copays and deductables
  4. Hospitals and doctors needing to forgive deal in order to avoid overwhelming collection costs.
  5. Pharmaceutical companies over-inflating prices

You can not do anything about these rising costs (exceptoting in people who will eliminate Obamacare).

Some people have said being healthy, eating healthy is so expensive. Well, diabetes costs about $ 1000 per month.

Health care means you will take care of your health first, and only seek out the sick care when needed.

Health care knows that using food, herbs, and alternative medicine allows the body to heal itself, without relying on expensive drugs and complex tests to determine if something changed.

If you choose health care, you choose to eat healthy, live without chemicals, take care of your body, and enjoy life. You choose what building blocks your body uses (food) and how the new formed flesh fills out.

But, you do not need to go organic. I use my local farmers, who are not certified organic. I did the leg work to find out what their practices were for pesticides, GMOs, and other things I do not like. Guess what, these farmers did not like chemicals, GMOs or destroying the soil for short term gain. They practiced organic, but would not pay the $ 250,000 for the little seal.

I spend less than $ 75 per week on food for myself, my husband and a 15 year-old boy. Yes, that's only about $ 2 per day per person. And we eat meat, lots and lots of veggies and fruit, and enjoy the occasional dining out. Still think eating healthy is expensive?

You can partially avoid the sick care system altogether.

  • Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in order to not develop diseases
  • Be regularly checked over to detect starts of problems
  • Use holistic and alternative therapies to help your body heal
  • Get off all medications by using the alternatives
  • Exercise regularly

While these habits will not prevent everything, you can avoid so many of the problems with them. The more you stay out of the system, the more you become responsible for your own health. Choose to start healthy and use the alternatives available. Then, you approach sick care very differently.