In the arsenal of drugs to lower cholesterol, none have proved effective, safe, or required.

But, they are still pushed by doctors that take no care to keep up on current medical science.

There is much talk about a 'safe' level, but do we even know what that means? Its like telling everyone there's a safe level of air.

Typically, a cholesterol below 200 is advised. But this is an arbitrary number, not based on a whole lot. Originally, it was thought high cholesterol caused heart disease, plaque buildup and heart attacks. We now now this to be false.

Even the breakdown between HDL and LDL is not seen as relevant when assigning medications. Numbers like vLDL and inflammation marks are not even checked routinely.

Then, we discovered cholesterol fluctuates in our bodies quickly. So, it must be based on something that comes and goes. That thing turned out to be inflammation. Cholesterol rebuilds damaged tissues.

Doctors find in accident patients, that cholesterol can soar to well over 1,000. HDL remains low, very low. LDL is what goes up, because LDL carries the cholesterol to the tissues needing to be fixed.

Cholesterol fixes problems.

So then, if your cholesterol is chronically high, should you take a drug to lower cholesterol? Or should you find out why it's high.

Most doctors think it's too much trouble to find out why it's high. It's so much easier to just take a pill. Testing involves more blood work, scans, and visits. That takes up too much time, and doctors just do not want to spend that kind of time, when they get their reimbusement from drugs.

No, I do not think it's safe or right to take drugs to lower cholesterol when you can find out why your cholesterol is high in the first place. It could be arthritis, bad food (the most common cause), injury, illness, cancer … the list goes on. Figuring out way your cholesterol is high is more important than getting the numbers down.

Once you remove the cause of the inflammation, your cholesterol goes back to normal. That's why diet works so well. Often, it's your food that damages your gut and causes it to be inflamed.

So, high cholesterol is a sign of inflammation. Figure out why you are inflamed, get rid of the inflammatory. No more inflammation, no more high cholesterol, no need to drugs to lower cholesterol.

You save money, stay healthy, and live longer.