Let's be honest. Most of us probably try to spend as little time as possible at the pharmacy. We dread waiting in line to pick up prescriptions, and assume that the professionals working there pretty much only dispense pills and hand over prescriptions. This could not be further from the truth! As time passes and technology advances, pharmacies continue to add more and more services to make their customers' busy lives as easy as possible. Read on for some of the services you may not have known you could get at your local drugstore.

1. Visit Walk-in Clinics

Certainly by now you've seen commercials advertising the non-urgent care clinics that have been set up at pharmacies through the nation. Most of these clinics operate seven days a week, which is great for any minor illnesses that happen over the weekend. It's also incredibly convenient if you need to fill a prescription.

2. Receive Flu Shots and Vaccinations

With the rise of these walk-in clinics, it's also possible for you to now receive your flu vaccine when you drop into the pharmacy to pick up a prescription! Most types of insurance are accepted, and vaccinations are offered for both children and adults. These vaccines include chickenpox, measles / mumps / rubella, and shingles, and hepatitis B.

3. Join Wellness Programs

Are you trying to lose weight, quit smoking, or manage your diabetes? Wellness programs through your pharmacy can help. Ask your pharmacist about getting set up with one of these programs, and make sure to utilize the many diagnostic tests that can be done in-house, like cholesterol and blood sugar tests.

4. Request Flavored Medicines

If you've ever tried to get a child to take a liquid medicine, then you know how hard it is to convince them that this nasty-tasting spoonful really is for their own good. Luckily, many pharmacies offer added flavorings for little to no charge. Whether you want sour apple, bubble gum, watermelon, or cherry, a dash of flavor can make the process easier for both you and your child. More grown-up flavors, such as crème de menthe, are also available for adults taking liquid medicines.

5. Get Personalized Packaging

Although you probably have not given it much thought, personalized packaging can ease a lot of your worries when it comes to medication mix-ups or accidents. You can request larger-print labels for those with vision problems to ensure that they never take the wrong medicine or childproof caps so your toddlers can not get into any prescriptions that could make them sick.

6. Join Rewards Programs

Most pharmacies offer some sort of reward program that allows you to earn benefits for the money you spend there. The money you save can go towards paying for your other medical needs, whether it's co-pays on prescriptions or first aid supplies. Some stores even offer extra points for getting immunizations.

So the next time you're at your local pharmacy, look around to make sure that you're getting all you can from it. There is much more to offer than just a quick prescription refill!