Are you one of the 600,000 plus men who will undergo a vasectomy in the year ahead or among the 10-15% of men seeking a reversal? If you are, here is a word of advice. Consider banking. And you have to do so now, because your sperm must be banked before the vasectomy or during your vasectomy. It's really like buying an insurance policy. There should be regrets about undergoing a vasectomy procedure, then using the sperm can enable more children. Or, if your reversal is not a success, using the bank also enables you to have children.

For you, sperm may not necessarily be the right choice. Perhaps you are absolutely certain that you only want to have children naturally. Using sperm from a bank means you and your partner will be willing to go through in vitro fertilization (IVF). First off, this involves a lot of intervention for the female. Secondly IVF is a more expensive option than under a vasectomy. On the positive side, IVF procedures are safe, effective and there is less lag time to achieve pregnancy. For some positive of IVFmay be a further inducement to sperm before the vasectomy or during the reversal.

If you're going to have a vasectomy, but there are lingering doubts about having children in the future, then your options are to either (a) put off having the vasectomy or (b) bank. Using your sperm, that is stored at the sperm, may not even necessary. But banking provides peace of mind because despite warnings from the vasectomy doctors that vasectomy should be considered as permanent, 10-15% seek a reversal.

In deciding whether to sperm during the vasectomy, there are two questions to keep in mind. If, you and your partner are willing to move to a, “plan B” after a failed reversal, then banking during the vasectomy is the right choice. The other factor to investigate is the health of the female partner. In some situations the woman can only achieve pregnancy by undergoing IVF (in-vitro fertilization). Some examples include a woman over 40, or a woman whose tubes are completely blocked. In such cases, the best course of action is for the vasectomised man to under sperm aspiration so that the women can undergo an IVF.

Even if sperm is not right for you, it merits serious consideration. Vasectomy looks like an easy decision since the procedure is relatively simple and usually covered by insurance. However, vasectomy is considered permanent because reversing a vasectomy is cost, involved and success is not assured. Those man who have banked their sperm before vasectomy and during reversal may undergo IVF treatments. It's not a perfect solution, but banking is a solid option.