Mexico, due to its southern proxies to United States, is a naturally preferred location for the medical tourism activities. Mexico medical tourism is assisted by the fact that it is very close to two of the largest countries that utilizes medical tourism services, United States and Canada. This country boasts a vast coast line and has 31 states. Every year, millions of foreigners visit Mexico. It has a rich and diverse culture and exotic food. The travel destinations in Mexico draw millions of American tourists every year. The Mexican economy is currently rated as the 14 the largest in the world.

There are many quality hospitals in Mexico catering to the American and Canadian patients. Many of them are JCI accredited. Due to the proximate, these hospitals are aware of the expectations of the American patients. Although these hospitals are not as huge as many Indian hospitals, some still have JCI accreditation. Many doctors have completed the advanced training in the United States or other countries. Mexican doctors have the capability of performing the many cosmetic and bariatric surgeries. Recently, these surgeries have become their niche practice area due to overwhelming demand from America. Many surgeons are very good and many hospitals have some English speaking staff on staff. The customer service levels in many of these elite hospitals are good.

In general surgery in Mexico is a mixed bag. There are huge variations in the quality of medical practitioners and medical facilities. The quackery is abundant and since the quality and reputation of the hospital are very important in choosing a surgery in Mexico. Some so called clinics are very little and lacking basic facilities. The cheap clinics in Mexico and South America have played a significant factor in public wariness due to their highly disproportionate share of blotched surgeries and resulting negative media publicity. Steer away from such clinics. The main lure is the price. While price is important in medical tourism, it is not everything. There should be equal emphasis on quality and safety. We should understand that one blotched surgery is too many and any mortality should not be acceptable.

In view of escalating drug-related violence in Mexico's major border towns, one should be concerned about safety .. In the April 2011, the US State Department issued a warning for American citizens traveling to Mexico. The warning states that, drug cartels are engaged in wars to control their territories and drug trade. Battling each other for control of the drug trade. They are also involved in combating the government's efforts to control the situation. While it is true that the tourists for the most part are not specifically targeted, there have been several tragic stories. Especially there has been a spurt of violence near its northern border, especially Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez and Nogales.

Having said that, Mexico is not full of dangers. It is a big country. Many still travel to Mexico and do not encounter problems. One has to be vigilant and exercise common sense precautions like avoiding known violent cities, and thinking about safety always. Some tips include wearing money belts, avoiding darker and lonely areas and traveling in safer taxis.