The woods are a magical place, filled with flora and fauna … and fauns. It just does not get any better than that. When one walks through the woods, one can romantically transport themselves back in time, or transport themselves to Middle Earth where Orcs and Dwarves battle for the fate of the Shire. All right, that may be a little corny, but you know what we're talking about here. The woods are stunningly beautiful and spending time in them really does something nice to your soul. Unfortunately, there are ticks in the woods and ticks can bring Lyme disease and Lyme disease can bring tick bite treatment.

For a critter so small, the tick can sure cause a bunch of health problems. The worst part about them is that ticks do not only bite you (like a small snake or a chipmunk would), no-a tick sucks your blood. There's nothing more stomach-churning than to know you have an insect on you for a prolonged period of time as it sucks the very life essence out of your veins. Ticks are a nauseating nuisance, that's for darn sure, but thankfully tick bite treatment is easy and affordable.

And it's not like there's one or two of these things lurking in the woods hungry for a meal of human blood. No, there are a ton of different species out there. As a matter of fact there are over eight hundred known species of tick-and many more just waiting to be found and categorized! Each one of these ticks bite and suck your blood, and many of these attacks will require a visit to a walk in clinic in your area where tick bite treatment can be administrated.

One of the most dangerous of these little critters was found in the NYC suburb of Lyme, Connecticut. If you receive a bite from a tick infected with this disease (deer ticks are most likely to be infected) you can catch a mysterious-but-debilitating disease known as Lyme disease. Medical attention is recommended if bitten by any deer tick as the doctor is required to send the tick out for analysis in order to determine if Lyme disease is present in your particular specimen. If the test proves to be positive for Lyme disease, you will require a higher caliber of treatment.

Those who have foregone treatment for a Lyme disease-infected tick bite have come down with severe and chronic conditions such as debilitating fatigue, Meningitis, Bell's palsy and more. These days much more is known about this life-altering affliction and help is available at your neighborhood walk in clinic.

If you see a tick on your body, chances are that their head is under your skin and experiencing on your blood. It's time to get to a doctor for professional treatment or to carefully pull the tick away from your body using delicate tweezers. All ticks should be put into a container and taken to a doctor for analysis after you suffer a bite.

Here are some useful tips for protecting oneself against ticks, tick bites and receiving professional treatment. No tick. No treatment.

· Tuck your pants fully into your socks

· After returning home put clothing in dryer for thirty minutes

· Carefully inspect your body and clothing

· Wear light-colored clothing for easier inspections

· Stay on trails when hiking-no bush whacking, Indiana Jones!

· Use over-the-counter insecticides