Did you know that Tribulus Terrestris is also known by the names of Puncture Vine, Yellow Vine, Caltrop, and Goathead? Along with its nomenclature, the effects of the drug too are considered to be quite intriguing. Tribulus is originally a plant that is intensively grown across Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. It has been increasingly incorporated in health tonics propounded by Ayurveda, the ancient natural form of treatment of Indian origin. Today, however, the whole world has awakened to the benefits of Tribulus Terrestris.

One of the primary reasons for the surging popularity of this herb has been the easy availability of Tribulus supplements through online portals. However, discretion is advised when choosing an online supplement provider to buy from. The quality of the product would solely depend on the source from which it is procured.

Tribulus Terrestris: Effects

The effects of Tribulus Terrestris can be summarized as follows:

1. Primarily, the herb is being marketed as a sex booster. The primary active chemical present is known as Protodioscin or PTN. It is responsible for elevating the levels of testosterone in the system. As a result, it is considered to improve sex drive. However, studies have revealed that despite the extract really helps in elevating hormone levels, they are essentially residual within the standard range always. Therefore, miracles are not on the cards. In addition, they also improve mounting ability and is known to cause significant increase in libido. Enhanced sex drive also takes care of problems like erectile dysfunction. Therefore, an overall improvement is witnessed in sexual behavior.

2. Tribulus Terrestris is also considered to be an effective muscle relaxant. It relaxes the smooth muscles and enhancements blood flow in and around the penis. This could also be one of the reasons for the improved sexual behavior.

3. As a latent benefit of the above, the herb could also be considered as an effective remedy for those suffering from intestinal colic.

4. Some have also reported a strengthening of the immune mechanism and an impact on activities within the bone marrow.

5. Consumption in high doses also elevates energy levels substantially.

Tribulus Terrestris: Considerations

Although Tribulus Terretris is potentially safe when administered in correct dosages, there are certain considerations that one must keep in mind. Some of the associated side effects of the extract could include rapid heartbeat, feeling excessively hot and unmanageable restlessness. Taking breaks in between doses can prove to be critical. It is always advisable to seek medical advice and regulate intake patterns accordingly.