A sinus infection can be a real pain in the neck (nose?). It's bad enough you're walking around all stuffed up, nose running, head aching and tissues trailing behind you like the skirts of a whirling dervish, but co-workers sometimes talk behind your back, saying things like, “He's always sniffling. you think he's on drugs? ” This is the scourge of the sinus infection and why treatment is so thought after and deserved.

It's bad enough to have a clogged head all day without your enemies accusing you of being a drug addict! Sinus infections have plagued mankind since time immemorial. There's only so much you can do for them, but professional help for the worst of them is important for so many reasons. First of all, what is it we are talking about when we are speaking of a sinus infection? What's the deal? What's really going on and what type of treatment is available?

A sinus infection is better known in doctor's parlance as sinusitis. It is the inflammation of the sinuses that usually occurs during a cold, other viral infections and / or an allergic reaction. The symptoms are such:

• A thick green or yellow mucus discharge
• Pain or discomfort in the head, face and / or teeth
• Awful stuffy nose and / or clogged-head feeling

Along with these obvious infection symptoms, other symptoms an individual may suffer through before treatment begin include:

• Coughing
• Decreased sense of smell
• Lethargy or over-all sluggish feeling
• Pressure in the ears
• A fever
• A header

How does one get a sinus infection? Can I give it to my loved ones or co-workers? Typically a sinus infection is part of a viral infection of all-around attack on the body. Allergies can and do cause a large number of infections, but if allergies are not a problem of yours than the chances that a cold will accompany your stuff nose is almost guaranteed. As you already know, a cold can be spread to loved ones and coworkers by coughing sneezing, using telephones and other similar behaviors. Treatment-whether at home or at urgent care clinic-is needed as soon as possible.

As stated, most acute infections (that is, ones lasting less than one month in duration) are typically due to a viral infection such as the common cold. However, if your sinus infection lasts over twelve weeks in duration chances are there are more sinister medical issues that need to be found and treated. Many people choose to forgo a doctor and apply treatment at home. Over-the-counter medications are available for this but nothing beats the care of a professional when you want your infection nipped in the bud quickly and to remain healthy enough to stave off another before the season ends.

Treatment for your sinus infection should be administratively administered at a medical clinic if any of the following things occur to you:

• You have trouble seeing
• You have pain in your head
• There is swelling around the eyes
• You have a fever
• You have difficulty breathing