Right after a stressful event, or series of events, we get sick. We know it's because we put off being healthy for far too long.

But did you know, it does not need to be like that?

In 2012, I was in a car accident, hurt my back, bought a new car (quickly), bought a house, moved, planned a wedding, married, buried a loved one, help my husband through losing his job and then going back to school, and suddenly becoming in charge of just about everything around the house. Yet, I did not get sick, have my blood pressure go up, I did not lose or gain weight, I toned my muscles, and stayed rested.

Here's the secret:

  1. Maintain a consistent sleep & exercise pattern – bags under your eyes are not attractive and can signal infection and high cholesterol
  2. Stay well hydrated – I know it's easy to forget your water bottle and grab a soda, but your body hates it and it can lead to diabetes
  3. Plan your meals, plus extra for when you need to grab and go – this is how you lose and maintain weight
  4. Avoid coffee, candy, pasta, bread, donuts, and sugary foods – that pesky diabetes just keeps popping up, plus, these depress you immune system and let you get sick quickly
  5. Make sure you have you time – how can you give to everyone else if you have nothing to give?

Stress sucks, but remember, this too will pass. The more you help your body, the less you will feel the stress. The less you feel the stress, the less likely you will get sick.

If you want to support your immune system, typically with herbs, it's easy to do. Just remember, herbs are foods first, medicine second. Never take an herb that can not be ateen safely.

The top herb when you are sick is Echinacea. It's a root that makes a great tea. This herb helps your immune system work more efficiently and powerfully. This is not an herb to take daily, just when you are sick.

Prevention-wise, nothing is more powerful than the triple powers of garlic, ginger, and honey! All three are foods and are perfect for seasoning all types of dishes. As a tea, ginger can also help calm your stomach from all types of upset and indigestion.

And get some sun! It's the most powerful form of vitamin D and it stimulates your hormones to balance out. Just 15 minutes a day can do wonders for your health.